Homemade Midna Action Figure: The Zelda Franchise Needs Her Back

I didn’t even get through Twilight Princess and I still want this character back in some future Zelda game.

I’m not a Navi hater unlike a lot of Zelda fans, but she had no real personality or charm. Midna on the other hand had both as well as some depth. Is it any small wonder that I want her to be a future love interest for Link rather than the 2-D pacifistic Zelda? The creators said they might bring her back if they hear enough bitching requests from fans, so I’m adding my voice to theirs.


This was the first time I used paper towels for the clothing rather than toilet paper. TP is just too weak when wet if I’m making something that doesn’t directly stick to the doll’s body. The crown is made of cut up thin straws with little lumps of clay at the ends. A needle was used for the designs on her skin.

I know I made her dress wrong. It’s supposed to be a skirt that bares one leg rather than a long loin cloth. When I made this, the pictures of Midna in her true form available on the Internet weren’t exactly top quality and I got confused.

Oh, well. C’est la vie.


One response to “Homemade Midna Action Figure: The Zelda Franchise Needs Her Back

  1. I love Midna too. I support voices of those who want Midna back. She deserves to come back to Hyrule. I wish there was a future Zelda game, similar to Twilight Princess in terms of graphic designs. I hope those creators hear my voice “I WANT MIDNA! I love her. Anyone please support my comment.

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