Error Corrector Trivia: Revenge of the Sith, Chapter 13

JK Rowling spent several weeks depressed and crying over the upcoming death of Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Maybe my personal experience wasn’t so extreme, but I now consider Jo a kindred spirit in more ways than one.

I was so close to crying when writing this chapter it’s not funny. The tears were in my eyes, ready to fall, but they never did.

I have to say, it was a very surprising experience. In my opinion, I’ve written more emotional chapters than this one. Maybe I’m jaded. I’ve cried from reading stories, but never while writing them.

No doubt readers of this chapter can guess which scene it was. And if I play Detective of My Emotions, the reason I became so upset was because of the story that partially inspired the scene.

A few months ago, I was riding in the car with Dad. Not unexpectedly, he started telling me about a story he once heard. This one was about the friendship between a little boy and girl. The boy was poor and, if I recall correctly, part of a family that held beliefs that the ruling class did not agree with. The girl was from a more affluent family and believed all the “right” things. Long story short, the boy’s family was slaughtered by the ruling class, and the girl’s family was partially (if not fully) responsible. When the girl saw the ruin of her friend’s family before her, she collapsed and wouldn’t stop sobbing and screaming “FORGIVE ME!” over and over again.

Damn. I guess my throat gets tight every time I think about that story. Maybe it’s because I can picture it so vividly.

When I heard that story, I knew Harlene would have a very similar reaction after she realized what she had nearly let the Jedi do to Maul. Also, I wanted to portray the unspeakable wrongness of attempting to wipe a sentient being from existence for any reason. Much as I love Knights of the Old Republic I, they never explored the ethical issue of murdering someone’s soul. When I played the game, I had my Revan tell Bastila that she was no better than the Sith (which she is for allowing it to happen). Bastila’s response was indignant being that the Jedi had “given Revan another chance.”

No. They wiped Revan from existence. He will never find redemption because he’s gone and will never come back.

Thankfully, they touched on the issue more in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords through Zez-Kai Ell, and they did it quite well, especially with this quote:

“Suffice to say, redemption was not Revan’s choice, and I have never believed those of the Council who attempt to console themselves otherwise for the crime they committed.”

Well said.


3 responses to “Error Corrector Trivia: Revenge of the Sith, Chapter 13

  1. I’ve been researching some of the universes you have planned for Error Corrector (except the ones I already know) but I’m very confused about something.
    I saw a few episodes of Naruto and it seemed quite ridiculous. The art wasn’t very good and most of the plot was lame (an exception being the fact that Naruto was a monster fox.) Am I missing something or does it get better later? I guess I just can’t see what you like about it, and from what I know about you, you have high standards.

    • Naruto can be very slow and lame in the beginning. Not to mention the fact that the show epitomizes the Japanese’s tendency to repeat stuff over and over and over and over again in their stories. But it does get a lot better and more complex later. The characters have very dark and interesting pasts, and the story is blown into epic proportions. Keep watching. You won’t be disappointed.

      Well, you might be. Everyone has different opinions. And there are reasons to hate Naruto. But I like it a lot, and I’m doing an Error Corrector for it simply because I have no choice. Stories write themselves. I just copy them down.

  2. Heh ok I’ll give it another chance. On a different note, I wanted to respond to the response you gave for my first ever review when you commented that Noelle is a flat character.
    That’s your definition of flat???
    As far as you’re political views go, I’ve been researching those as well. However, this is difficult because it’s impossible to gauge whether the stuff I’m reading/hearing is true or false. I saw what you wrote about the Iraq invasion. I think its a little far-fetched that Bush wanted to depose that dictator for revenge. I find it more believable that he made an inaccurate conclusion about the WMDs based off of incomplete details and insufficient evidence. I also consider Obama to be somewhat unable to get things done. This is why I am able to sympathize with Anikan when he argues for a dictatorship, even though I don’t think he ever brought up that point. Dictators get things done. By the way, I reread chapter 9 of ROTS and I had a very awesome fantasy about Harlene beating the living shit out of Dooku again (because of what Qui-Gon said after she left them.) One last point is I like your philosophy when dealing with stupid people: let them amuse you. (unfortunately this is easier said then done.)

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