Error Corrector Trivia: Why Do I Include Such Strong Political and Social Beliefs in my Stories?

When I was around eleven or so, me and Dad were driving around (I can’t remember exactly where we were going, but who cares?), and a huge SUV passed us. Dad and I then had a short conversation that went something along like this:

Dad: Look at that big gas-guzzling monster. When you see something like that, you know it’s some selfish redneck Republican who doesn’t care how much pollution they’re pumping into the atmosphere.

Me: Dad, you shouldn’t say stuff like that. You don’t know who is driving that car. They could be perfectly nice people. You shouldn’t judge them just because they drive a certain type of car. Would you want someone to judge you based on the car you drive?

Dad: You’re right, honey. I’m sorry I said that.

Yep. That was me when I was eleven. I hated being judgmental, and I avoided labeling people.

Today when Dad and I go for drives and see a huge SUV, our conversations are somewhat different. For one thing, I start them.

Me: Look at that gas-guzzling monster. That fucking tea-bagging redneck needs to have his tires blown out. Hell, I’ll blow his tires out!

Big difference, huh?

When I was eleven, or in my early to mid-teens, I never would have dreamed of putting my political/social views in my stories because 1. I hated being judgmental, and 2. I was afraid of controversy. I was afraid of the totalitarian Republicans yelling at me and harassing me.

In other words, I was a pussy liberal.

But I ain’t a pussy liberal no longer.

As I neared my eighteenth birthday, I grew disgusted with myself and all the liberals who said they would never include their views on religion and politics in their writing or vlogs. Why, I asked myself? Because of fear? Of what? Stirring up a little controversy? Those racist, misogynistic, totalitarian bastards at FOKKK News?

Fuck no!

I’ll say it outright: I write propaganda. I have an agenda to let the world know what I believe in regards to subjects like abortion, religion, and politics. But unlike FOKKK News, I actually care about facts. I don’t go out of my way to twist them in order to make myself look noble (undoubtedly, there are people who beg to differ, but I don’t give a shit). What’s more, I’m not out to dictate to people what they should or shouldn’t believe. That doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

I’m out to let my voice be heard, and I’m not afraid of its power.

I do realize that if enough people read Error Corrector, I’ll be getting yelled at and harassed by totalitarian Republicans. And it’s something that I greatly look forward to. Like Harlene, I do so love it when people amuse me with their stupidity. In doing so, they fulfill their sole reason for existence.


3 responses to “Error Corrector Trivia: Why Do I Include Such Strong Political and Social Beliefs in my Stories?

  1. (laughs uproariously) I like the way you think. However, I’m afraid I will have to disagree with your views as far as Obama goes. I think he’s very bad at getting things done, and that there are several promises he made that he hasn’t kept. But I also acknowledge that I know next to nothing on the subject and I’m talking based entirely on conversations with my heavily Republican Mom. So I am fully prepared for you to hand me my ass on a platter.

    • I’d rather respond to your political comments through the story/blog since I don’t want to be redundant. But you should know that since you seem like a very nice person who respects the beliefs of others, I have no desire to hand you your ass on a platter. I would much rather sit down with you and have a civilized discussion. Who know? Maybe we will someday! 🙂

      I consider Noelle to be a flat character because I haven’t yet established what drives her, or how her past shaped her personality. Yeah, I’m really picky about what is or what isn’t a well-rounded character in my universe.

      I also find it strange that you claim to disagree with me about my views on Obama when I haven’t mentioned them at all. Sure I’ve mentioned him in the story, but I haven’t included any personal opinions. But don’t worry. You’ll find out soon enough.

      And thanks so much for the Rowling compliment! In my most arrogant jerk moments, I do think I’m better than her, but only sometimes. And then I read Goblet of Fire again and think to myself “how the hell could you think such a thing, you self-absorbed bitch!?”

      Lastly, I intend to post information on my original novel soon.

  2. Also, I guess you could call me a political theorist or something. I don’t consider the general public of America to be smart enough to do or understand what needs to be done in certain situations (I know there are people like you and me, but they are exceptions, not the norm). As you can see, I’m pretty cynical. And when I include myself in the exceptions, I’m not trying to be arrogant, even though its unavoidable. I know for a fact that I am different from most others I see around me. Anyway I think Congress is extraordinarily ineffective in most situations. Its worse even than the senate of the Galactic Republic in Star Wars. In Star Wars, there was only one body there to quibble over meaningless nonsense. We have two, and on the rare occasion that one of them gets something useful accomplished, they have to give it over to the other one which can delay, and change what they don’t like (which is most of it) and delay, and change, and repeat over and over. Another thing to hate about Congress is that it severely hampers the President’s flexibility when dealing with a crisis. I understand the theory of checks and balances but it has gone too far, and nothing is getting done without enormous hassle. I think the only check/balance we need is the public checking the President. I also think that its ridiculous that we base our laws on a Constitution that has little flexibility. Flexibility is a quality that I think is one of the most important in any government. Anyway enough jabbering, I want to know what you think about this.

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