Error Corrector: Chaper #14 Update

Three quarters of the way through Chapter #14. I’m really hoping to get it up by this weekend.


3 responses to “Error Corrector: Chaper #14 Update

  1. I guess what i meant as far as obama goes is that it appears that you support him whereas i dont. However i dont want to discuss politics anymore because when i look back on what i say, i think i look like some sort of extremist fanatic. In fact, my Personality shares a few key attributes with anakin and, when you look below the surface, my home life is eerily similar to the jedi.

    On a lighter note, ive been re-reading tpm and aotc again. When harlene is fuming following her discussion with her friends right before entering star wars, and she praises the jedi in her mind, the thinly veiled irony in your tone had me laughing really hard. Also i just got past the mall/ foodcourt scene…complete and utter beauty. Also, as far as the prologue to tpm goes, my guess is that vader hates harlene so much because harlene will either be forced to kill padme, or sidious will lie and say thats the case. ( though it could be simply that she is planning to vanish from his life, if that is what she’s planning)
    Also, i sometimes have ideas for stories but i prefer to keep them in my head where i have complete control over things, its easier to create new situations, i can easily edit what i dont like, and because i can never express things perfectly on paper. In fact, one idea i had was a star wars fanfic was about a jedi padawan, who because of a misunderstanding with her master, (who is in reality just looking out for her safety) is expelled from the jedi order because the council labelled her as power hungry. She refuses to leave peacefully and fakes her own death before going into hiding. After a few years, she meets her former master and, when he recognizes her, she is forced to capture him and flee her remote sanctuary. (she hated her master due to his role in her expulsion from the jedi, but she was unwilling to kill him as they had been close in the past.) this is about as far as i plannes it out, but i have scrapped the whole idea because of something that is quite ridiculous, yet necessary for the plot: the girl uses dual saberstaffs. (hence her master fearing for her safety and the council calling her power hungry.)
    Also, if you get a spare moment, Please look up the lyrics to the song critical acclaim by avenged sevenfold. I think you might like its message.

    • If you’re uncomfortable with discussing politics, then I understand. However, I beg you not to avoid talking about them due to fear of sounding fanatical. It’s that same fear that hindered me for a while before I realized I was just afraid of what other people thought. It disturbs me quite a bit that your home life in similar to the Jedi since I am of the firm belief that parents are supposed to help their children fulfill their true natures instead of dictating what they should be. Not to get too personal or presumptuous, but I hope you’ll discover your true nature someday and that it will be on your own terms.

      Glad you really like the food court scene! It was extremely satisfying to write. I am planning a similar scene with Harlene and Maul encountering racism due to being a Human/Iridonian couple. Those are also some very good guesses as to why Vader hates Harlene. You’re actually very close on one of them, but I won’t say which 🙂

      That is not a stupid story idea at all. It’s very fascinating, and the Padawan being condemned as power hungry due to wielding dual saberstaffs makes perfect sense. I hope you’ll be inspired to write it someday.

  2. Btw i remember we were discussing the host…and i saw at one point harlene was discussing romance novels with dooku. The way she described the men was precisely how ian o’shea acts (him being one of the main characters). Also that stephanie has created an entire species of mary sues. But like harlene and dooku said, im attracted to it because i have no choice in the matter. I strongly believe that if stephanie had given her ideas to a ghost writer, her books would have sold twice or even three times as good. Then again, money isnt everything. If i ever got a book published, i would refuse to allow it to be made into a movie because no matter what, the movie will ruin the books for me (look at harry potter) i prefer to make images in my head rather than looking at someone elses images. It makes it more real for me.

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