Revenge of the Sith: Chapter #15

Setting a goal for five hundreds words a day is really a lot less stressful that pressuring myself into writing as much as I can before I drop or before something else demands my attention. Who knows? Maybe chapters will come out sooner because of this new change. I certainly hope so. Believe me guys, I hate the slow updates every bit as much as you do.

Dad questioned me about Maul’s reaction to Harlene’s declaration that he wasn’t Sith. He felt that it should have been more dramatic at first, but then he reminded himself that this isn’t the same Maul from the Phantom Menace. Phantom Menace Maul would have thrown an enormous temper tantrum, but that’s because he was so steeped into Sith reality. Revenge of the Sith Maul on the other hand has lost nearly everything he has ever known, gained a shred of humility and insight from his loss to Obi-Wan, and became more vulnerable after what Harlene put him through. He even acknowledged that he wanted things from Harlene no Sith would ever want and that it made him “flawed.” Sidious (at least the real live Sidious) is also no longer around to dictate how he thinks and feels. Taking these facts into account, I felt that devastation would take priority over rage.

However, the opposite can definitely be said for when Harlene tells him Sidious never saw him as a true apprentice…

I highly doubt we’ll be hearing passages from Harlene’s new audio diary soon. That will come later, and to tease my readers, the audience will be her difficult companions. Talk about awkward.

Apart from playing a huge, important role that I have no intention of revealing now, I would like Cody Harrington to serve as our eyes and ears into the normal world that is being affected by the war with the CAA.

Yes, the Dark Woman would psychologically torture a child like that. Aurra hated her because she was known to use “brutal” and “disturbing” training methods. While the Jedi Council was aware of and strongly disapproved of these methods, they always gave her so-called difficult students so she could break them do the council’s dirty work for them while they kept their hands squeaky clean.


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