Evanescence. The title of my ebook self-published young adult paranormal romance series. And before anyone asks, yes, I did name it after my all time favorite goth band, but that’s only one reason.

Here’s a few things I’ll say about the series so far. There are vampires, but no werewolves. Not because people pit vampires and werewolves together all the time. I’m a firm believer that there are no bad or overused ideas, just poorly executed ones. The Vampire Diaries did a very unique twist on the whole vampire/werewolf conflict that I found very refreshing. I too could have tried to do something unique, but in the end I decided to do vampires, dragons, sirens, and Mesoamerican mythology. As in Mayan, Aztec, Olmec, Toltec mythology. It was an idea my dad suggested. The whole vampire myth has revolved around its European roots for so long, people haven’t really expanded on vampires from other cultures. So I asked myself, what if the first vampires were originally ancient Olmecs or Toltecs?

I included some Indian roots as well. These vampires live in a separate dimension and their society is based on the Indian caste system. The vampire love interest is a Harijan, which is the lowest class one can be. They are also called the Untouchables or the Outcasts, and their reason for living is basically so that the elites can torment them for their own sadistic pleasure.

In reference to the title, the Evanescence are an alien race that the vampires enslaved thousands of years ago. While intelligent, they’re also terrifying predators. If they decide to eat something, they will devour everything down to the last atom. In other words, they can wipe it (or any living creature) from the earth as if it never existed. Hence their name.

Here’s the book cover I worked on with Dad in Photoshop CS4. I’m so proud of it!

"Evanescence Book Cover"


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