Not Sure How to Feel about Elena Now…

n my opinion, you can’t truly love a story without (to a certain degree) identifying with the protagonist. One of my reviewers for my fan fiction series “Error Corrector” told me that he or she could no longer continue reading because he or she could not identify with Harlene. In the process he or she could not sympathize with her or connect to her. I wish the reviewer had not been anonymous because I would have told them that they stopped reading for a very good reason. If you can’t identify with the character that the story revolves around, then you can’t fully experience what the story has to offer.

As I continued to watch The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert slowly grew on me. While she still doesn’t have as much depth as I believe a main character should have, she is still strong and independent. Not male-dependent like some vampire romance female protagonists (*cough* Bella Swan *cough*). In the first and second season, she is implemented as a down to earth character who will do anything to protect her loved ones and is fully aware of what Klaus is capable of.

I want to repeat that: Elena Gilbert will do anything to protect her loved ones and is fully aware of what Klaus is capable of.

But while I loved the latest episode (The End of the Affair), Elena is displaying some phenomenal stupidity. It’s more than understandable that she’s worried about Stefan and what Klaus will do to him, but she seems either completely unconcerned or completely unaware of what Klaus will do to her and her loved ones if she succeeds in bringing Stefan home while he is fulfilling his bargain with Klaus. When she tried to inject Stefan with vervain, I honest to God wanted him to back-hand her to the ground. Afterwards, here’s what Stefan should have said:

“I made a deal with Klaus. I offered myself…my obedience to him for ten years if he saved my brother. He did save my brother. Do you have any idea what he’ll do to me and to you and every single person you care about if I go back on my word!? He killed Katherine’s entire family just because she ran from him. He killed his own family just to get back at his brother. He killed your aunt even though you agreed to go through with the sacrifice. You’re insane if you think he’ll leave us alone if I go back with you!”

Elena tried several times to give herself up to Klaus because she knew he would slaughter everyone she loved if he didn’t get his way. Either she is getting stupid, or the writers are screwing up her character. I still retain hope that they are merely making Elena’s behavior as a genuine character flaw (she’s so blinded by the fact that Klaus could kill Stefan when it’s not only Stefan’s life that’s at stake) and she will eventually overcome it. I certainly hope so.


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