The Secret Circle

I’m giving The Secret Circle a chance because The Vampire Diaries slowly evolved from tween girl porn into a super-epic series and one of my favorite shows. Despite that, I’m in the process of watching the second episode and have spotted something that really annoys me.

Cassie’s mother was murdered by a warlock in episode one and by the end of said episode, Cassie finds a letter that her mother hid away in her grandmother’s house that was meant to be read after her mother died. It starts like this.

 My sweet Cassie,

 You finding this means I’m gone and for that I am so sorry. I didn’t want you to have this life. I didn’t want it for myself either, but destiny’s not easy to run from. I hoped that keeping this secret would keep you safe, but all I have done is left you unprotected. You have incredible power inside you. People will come for it. They will come for you.

Her mother wrote this note before she died. Meaning that she regretted leaving Cassie unprotected before she kicked the bucket. So why the hell didn’t she tell Cassie everything before then? Even if she wrote the note like, a day before she died, she still could have told Cassie some stuff so she would be somewhat prepared. Either Cassie’s mother is a lazy, incompetent bitch, or the writers overlooked a major contrivance. Either way, it sucks.


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