Hispanics Not Racist? WTF!?

I never planned on doing a blog post on the murder of seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin being that so many others like The Amazing Atheist have stolen the words right out of my mouth. But upon reading an Internet article, I realized that there is something I have to say. Something that hasn’t been really discussed and needs to be. Really. It needs to be discussed.

George Zimmerman, Trayvon’s murderer, was first thought to be white, which made it especially easy for people to believe that the killing was racially motivated. However, it has been revealed that Zimmerman was born to a white father and a Hispanic mother. His father claims that Zimmerman comes from a variety of ethnicities and is not racist. So what Zimmerman’s father is implying is that his son’s background makes it impossible for him to be a racist.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a twenty-two-year-old Hispanic woman. My father is Colombian and my mother is Puerto Rican. I have black blood, white blood, Native American blood, and even gypsy blood. The same can be said for all Hispanics. Despite that, I say without the slightest bit of hyperbole that Hispanics can be incredibly racist.

Both of my paternal Colombian grandparents are distinctly Spanish-looking with the features coupled with dark hair and eyes. One of my aunts, however, was born with dark hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. That didn’t make her any less Hispanic of course, but the little spics at her high school refused to include her simply because she didn’t look Hispanic enough. And the exact opposite can occur for Hispanic children who are born dark. The kids with the fairest features are the ones who the parents dote on the most. I also once saw an episode of Unsolved Mysteries in which a Hispanic family was accused of murdering their daughter’s boyfriend because he was white (I’ll be sure to post the YouTube link once I find it again). Even if they were innocent (which I highly doubt) there was eyewitness testimony that they expressed hatred toward the daughter’s boyfriend for his race.

The root of racism is the delusion of superiority, so it makes sense that Hispanics are incredibly arrogant about their culture and their language. My family has a distinct Hispanic last name and sometimes when my father sends an email to his Hispanic coworkers, they reply in Spanish even though my father wrote to them in English. I once checked a Hispanic woman’s report for a college course she was taking and it was so poorly written, I felt I would have to rewrite the entire damn thing in order for it to be eligible let alone good. This woman has been a US citizen for decades and she’s going for her Masters right now (shudders). While Spanish may be considered the unofficial secondary American language, I know that there are Hispanics who have lived in the USA for forty years and they haven’t learned a word of English simply because they feel they don’t have to. Arrogance and superiority at its finest.

So father of George Zimmerman, kindly keep your bullshit to yourself. No race is devoid of racists. Oh, and your son is a cold-blooded, murdering bastard.


5 responses to “Hispanics Not Racist? WTF!?

  1. I have Comanche, German, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, English blood. Believe me when I say every creed, race, religion can have an ‘ist to them. Ask a scots what they think of the english, or the Irish Catholics what they think of the protestants, and vice versa. It is time we work to do the best we can at eradicating this type of asshole behavior

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