Please Help Make my Books Free on Amazon

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. I do love you, but you should be more like Smashwords. I shouldn’t have to bother my readers in order to make my books free with you.

But alas, I have to. Guys, I need your help. With Smashwords I can make my books free with just a click. Amazon, unfortunately, is more complicated. They may make books free if they get wind of a lower price on another site. I’m saying may because, although they made Like Wax Under Flame free after a few months, my research tells me they can still refuse. But like I said, Like Wax Under Flame is now free, so I’m guessing the possibility of them refusing is slim.

Anyway, if you go to the product page for The Evanescence Chronicles: Volume I, Evanescence, The Mirror, and Soul Cannibal, there’s an option you can click under the “Product Details” banner called tell us about a lower price. If enough people click that, then my books may become free all the more fast.

Thanks for the assist. Once they become free, I’ll take this post down.

For now get all my books free at Smashwords:

The Evanescence Chronicles: Volume I


The Mirror

Soul Cannibal

Like Wax Under Flame


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