Homemade Action Figures: Princess Relonia

Relonia 1

This doll is based off a character from the mythical world of Pangaea, which I really, really, REALLY hope will one day be written and find its way to bookshelves. So far it exists mostly in the mind of a brilliant artist by the name of Sara Strand or Silvestris, but if you go to her website, or Livejournal, or deviantart you can find out more. Or you can ask her yourself. She’s really nice, and loves her fans.

I made this doll when I was fifteen, which makes it around nine years old, but I consider it some of my best work. The dress is made from toilet paper, and the hair from a pretty crappy paper mache, but somehow I got it to work. The jewelry and face were all painted with needles or toothpicks.

This character as well as Pangaea are copyrighted by Sara Strand.

Relonia 2

Relonia 3

Relonia 4

Relonia 5


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