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A young adult paranormal romance/sci-fi series that features vampires with Mesoamerican origins, computer hacking, dragons, sirens, and vengeful Aztec gods. The first three volumes (EvanescenceThe Mirror, Soul Cannibal) are complete. Each book is approximately fifty thousands words and available for .99 cents to 1.99. I honestly have no idea how many books there will be. As a lowly author, I’ll have to leave that up to the story itself.

Background information and inspirations for Evanescence can be found in these posts:

Vampires with Mesoamerican Roots

Count Dracula Should Really be Countess Dracula

Like Wax Under Flame

A free adult dystopia/sci-fi short story that will eventually become a series of novels, featuring a post-apocalyptic world, gang lords, genetic mutations, psychics, and wizards. Think of Harry Potter, The Running Man, Deep Space Nine, and A Clockwork Orange all rolled into one. It’s my most intense, dysfunctional, violent story ever apart from my fan fiction series, Error Corrector.

Links for purchase and sample chapters are available in the menu bar.


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