Homemade Action Figures: Inque from Batman Beyond

This doll went through a few drafts like Princess Zelda. At first, I left the original hair on since it was straight and black. That was before I became so anal that it had to represent the original character precisely. Now the hair is made out of toilet paper like the clothing. So, please enjoy a slide show of the shape-shifting femme fatale from Batman Beyond. God, I love that show…


Homemade Action Figures: Morgaine Le Fay

Morgaine Le Fay, powerful sorceress and infamous half-sister of King Arthur.

There are many versions of Morgaine, but I really, really liked the design they used from The Justice League. In the beginning during the war with Camelot, she was depicted as a beautiful woman with dark hair and green eyes. But in modern times, she keeps her face covered with a golden mask in order to hide the fact that she sometimes looks old thanks to constantly channeling energy into her son Mordred to keep him young.

I painted the golden armor on her upper body, but if I had to do it over again I would use my special paper mache in order to make it look more realistic. I’m not at all fond of the skirt’s flair at the end either. Used some paper for that. But you live and learn.

My Revenge Against Twilight: Transforming Edward Cullen into Heath Ledger’s Joker

In later posts, I will explain the reasons as to why I loathe Twilight. For the time being, here is the first phase of my revenge against it.


Mattel releasing Twilight Barbies was an absolute gift to me.


Doesn’t he make such a fitting Joker?

I originally uploaded these videos of me actually making the doll on Youtube. Special thanks to my fabulous Dad, who is an incredibly talented editor, and practically made the whole thing all by himself.


Homemade Princess Zelda Action Figure: Sometimes Wet Clay Can Hold Steady for a Long Time

I was fist introduced the Zelda franchise when I was ten. Am I the only one who first thought Zelda was really Link?

There are many versions of Princess Zelda, but Twilight Princess is my favorite, mainly because it’s the most realistic.

I consider this one an experimental doll. The armor, jewels, hair and ears are made out of clay that never hardens. Paint gives it a protective coating, but I wish I had found my stone clay that hardens eventually before I decided to make it. Still, I’m relatively satisfied with the results. The apron is made out of paper, so I better hope it never gets wet.

Sorry that a couple of pics look a bit blurry. When I get a better handle on Photoshop, I’ll fix them up.

Homemade Mystique/Raven Darkholme Action Figure: Needles Aren’t Just Used for Sewing

It has been literally proven: Rebecca Romijn has a Barbie doll face.

I wouldn’t consider myself an official fan of X-Men. I got into it somewhat after the second movie came out, but not enough to start hunting for the comics. However, the live-action version of Mystique was friggin’ awesome. I mean who wouldn’t love her after she smacked the shit out of that miserable bigot, Senator Kelly?

A cheap bathing suit Barbie was used to make this. I was about fifteen when I finished. The scales were painted with a needle.

Homemade Harley Quinn Action Figure: Complete with a Dash of Barbie, Water and Toilet Paper

At the age of twelve, I became a die-hard fan of Batman: The Animated Series. And Harley Quinn quickly became my imaginary friend favorite female character. I desperately wanted an action figure of her, but alas, I became a fan too late: all action figures were discontinued. After whining and bitching contemplating my dilemma for a while, I glanced over the Barbie dolls I had and attempted to take up sewing. Ironically, the costumes came out half-way decent, but I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted something that was strong and permanent. So I did what any poor, young, depressed, passionate fan would do.

I found another use for toilet paper.

Toilet paper and water to be precise. Mix the two together and you get a great paper mache. When it dries, you just paint over it, and it stays firm and strong.

So after a few years of experimenting and tinkering, I perfected my technique and made my Harley Quinn action figure. But wait…if I can make a Harley Quinn doll…why stop there? There are many characters from various fandoms that I like, and none of them are sold as quality action figures in stores. And I’ve got plenty of Barbies.

I’ll be posting the fruits of my labor in the near future. But for now, here’s Harley Quinn. Enjoy!