The Evanescence Chronicles






For the girl who has everything, Mercedes Strand can’t possibly ask for more. But more she will get. She’s earned it after all. She’s kind, altruistic, and a total whiz on the computer. What will her rewards entail? How about a hot vampire boyfriend? Yeah, nearly draining her dry of blood and informing her she’s earned the wrath of an evil psychopath vampire doesn’t usually happen on the ideal first date, but hey, who said love was predictable? Clouds and silver linings, no? Their love shall be everlasting.

Surely Mercedes’ rewards won’t stop there? You bet your backside they won’t. Even better than being the breath of life to a hot vampire, she soon catches the eye of Tarasque, the king of dragons himself. Blackmailed by a powerful enemy, he whisks her away to his kingdom of magnificent mountains and endless treasures. And she gets two rewards for the price of one when it’s all up to her to convince Tarasque not to commit genocide against the vampires. Fortunately, he’s enthralled with her beauty, wit, and sheer mystery to the point where he wishes to rip apart her beloved boyfriend who just so happens to be a…


Well, clouds and silver linings people. Clouds and silver linings. Mercedes’ rewards still don’t stop there, no siree. How often does a human become so important to an evil Aztec god to the point where his plans can’t come to fruition without her? With her pure angelic voice she can unite the cowardly sirens, the blind dragons, and the fanatical vampires against the forces of evil. They won’t ignore her, beat her, or try to kill her…


Maybe the term “rewards” is a bit on the loose side.


5 responses to “The Evanescence Chronicles

  1. I stumbled across your blog and was curious about your novels, but I couldn’t find an excerpt posted anywhere on your site, or on Amazon. Can you post a link to it? Thanks and best of luck with your writing career. 😉

    • The links were at the bottom of the synopsis on this page, but then I realized (while smacking myself repeatedly in the face) that they were very hard to see thanks to the fonts and arrangement. I rearranged it while making the fonts bolder. Let me know if they’re easier to spot.

      And thanks so much for straightening me out. Hope you’ll like my work. 🙂

  2. Loved the first three books, but now I’m left hanging. Really can not wait to finish them. Writing and reading are both passions of mine also. Please get the next book out soon!!!

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